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Acting as both the protege and natural extension of metal superstars Slipknot, Downthesun make the same kind of ugly alternative metal spliced with the visceral approach of d**h metal. The band came together when founding members Church and Lance "Kuk" Collier opened for Slipknot in one of their previous bands. Becoming friends with singer Shawn Crahan through the concert, Crahan immediately recommended his stage a**istant Satone and fellow Des Moines native Dan Spain as potential members for a newer, heavier band. The four got together and knew the collaboration would be a fruitful one, so after adding Aaron Peltz and Bruce Swink to the mix they decided they would officially become Downthesun. Working on material throughout the next year, they scored a deal with Roadrunner Records and prepared themselves for a visit to the studio. Hooking up with Melvins/Jesus Lizard producer GGGarth, they spent six weeks in the studio and emerged with their eponymous debut, released in the fall of 2002. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

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