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Downthesun - Pitiful lyrics

Can you tell me your dreams (dreams are nothing)
Blankly staring at the sky (it's all a lie)
Looking to place blame (f** your suffering)
Satisfied with being nobody (i hate you)

Pitiful Existence
Pitiful Existence
Pitiful Existence
Pitiful is what you've come to be

To the sheep and cattle (it's your future)
Follow the leader to die (it's your life)
Walk yourself to slaughter (die inside)
It's all you're waiting for (i hate you)

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Life drives you insane
Time ticks at your brain
Lies are what you breed
You're so goddamn pitiful

Waste your life away
Drain the bloodied stain
Scrape the walls clean
You're so goddamn pitiful

Stop running your mouth
Can't stand your drivel
Your etes are see-through gla**
Nothing on the other side


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