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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Have You Ever lyrics

You choose him over me shid I guess that's cause I'm young
He can't love you, like I love you and know that that's 1hunnit
I'ma make sure you that you shine baby, even when it's storming
When I get the chance I'ma fuck you like no other

Have you ever made love to a yungin, to a yungin, to a yungin
Have you ever made love to a young nigga, to a young nigga
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Pull up in that lamb, jump out like wazzam?
Let me be there for you baby, let me make you laugh
I won't hide a thing, I'ma show you who I am
I wanna undress you out your pants you know I don't give a damn
You say you got a boyfriend, well let me be your friend
Baby matter fact, let me be your helping hand
I ain't tryna get up in your business babygirl, I'm just saying
Maybe I can treat you way better than your man

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