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X the Unknown Variable - The First Article lyrics

[Verse 1: X the Unknown Variable]
I'm not living the life that I live just to end up with
Five kids and wives who fight for first five dibs
With five ribs taken from me, I'm lopsided
I'd never reverse time and stop the jobs I did
The props I give, it's not earned easily
Which is why you only see a few smoke weed with me
Just to be with me through the hardest of times
I feel honored whenever they flow freely over beats with me
Whether it's feasibly or beastly
It's caught on tape, Mephistopheles is reaching up beneath me
My past wants to eat me, go ahead try it
There has yet to be a path before me that defeats me
I'd never lay a fist on my bitch, I love my animals
Which is why I stay up to date with Karma Chronicles
Every word I write absorbs some of my particles
Consider this a comic of my life, The First Article

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[Hook: DJ Tripz]

[Verse 2: X the Unknown Variable]
This is for my homies, Dead End Los Angeles
This is not code, no need to unscramble this
I'm not speaking masonry, tongues, or Hieroglyphics
We smashed everyone, and showed them what a clique is
We carried a hit list from middle school
It lasted until little fools started to belittle our crew
Seven years and running, like outlaws
We out-gloss every other faction, we've done this without laws
No lames trying to butt into the business
Once we fuck you up, you begin to shit piss
We hit pits with full force, Enlist kids with ill starts
We kiss chicks with steel hearts, The ones willing to heal hearts...
Life seems to change, lies seem to chain
Rivals together, guilty voices always bind the deranged
I'm blind and estranged from my family
So the love for my homies' something that I always had in me...

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