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X the Unknown Variable - Hung on the Wire lyrics

[Verse 1: X the Unknown Variable]
When this hits the fan, I'm running to My Panic! Room
I never had faith, I'm pointing guns up at the attic soon
This old man better be acrobatic, yo
That's right, we are not compatible
I'm not in combat-it mode when I'm in my memories
Put your money where your mouth is, better yet, some cheddar cheese
Everybody knows you reminisce more than work
Smoking won't save you, it's just putting you at ease
Stop living in the past, this won't even last
Life is school, this is one 30-minute class
Pick up a putter and put the ball in its place
You're the team captain, homie, come up with a better pass
Everything that happened happened already
You can spend all day explaining how they're worth more than
Pennies, the mind is trapping you in limbo
Throw them in the air, find out how far the wind blows...

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[Verse 2: X the Unknown Variable]
The fact of the matter is my brain is splattered
On the inside of my cranium, but it's not fractured
What a job not done, huh
She made the spear go through a muscle, but the wrong one
The target was my chest, Now, I'm just brain dead
That did more damage than standing in the rain did
Waiting for the response, clicking on the angel to
Respawn, she's gone, I'm rapping with the beat off
This is absolutely pointless, I'm wondering
What the point is stressing over where the joint is
The worth of a coin is four hands
Fingers interlocked, the addition of the joined lips
(We never got to join hips,) Why would you
Want to? The pain would surely come and haunt you
Not to mention, it would come back tenfold
You would've lost all the stories your pen told...

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