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X the Unknown Variable - Green Berets lyrics

[Verse 1: X the Unknown Variable]
Hey, yo, wake up
Now look into the Sun and tell me if you want to stay tough
One bar of mine can send you eight of
My fangs into your spine and get your waist cut
Now, you're split in half, what happens to the
Soul when the shell is laid out, quit and dash
Quick and fast, before I whip and lash
Strip and bash you from your pride, that's it, that's that
I flip raps, so enjoy a deadly flow
I also practice White Magic, watch a dead leaf grow
My anger increases, so I wreck these notes
Because Lucifer hasn't paid one debt he owes
I heard zombies are the talk of nation
If it does happen, it's the government who creates them
I'll be safe, I welcome them to Hell's Play Pen
Because I'm engaged to the Queen of the Forsaken

[Hook: RemGee]
I'm a lone wolf among a pack that won't attack
A wound looms on the skin of my comrade
This is third world combat
This is third world combat x2
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[Verse 2: X the Unknown Variable]
Your rhymes are weak and whack, I sleep and nap
Obese and fat, still can't compete with that
Whether on beats or a capellas my lines weave and wrap
Your feet and slap you down until you're weeping sad
Don't keep it at low skills, I'll
Defeat you and repeat the act despite constant
Fleets of tanks firing missiles at my force field
I fire syllables that make me an ordeal
Go squeal to a P.I.G. like a P.I.G. before I
Make whole meal When I have no more veal
The taste of young blood makes my mouth water
I'll give you a crooked eye and get your house slaughtered
Your house is a tomb after loud sonic booms
Packing a punch when allowed to go through
I howl at the moon and growl at the tomb of long lost loves
Then I pound all the brew, call Cudi soon
I owe him a lot, he got me through the lowest of spots
Covered in boulders and rocks, on my shoulder's a rocket
I pick this up, hold it, and launch it
Through a black heart, that is rumored to be haunted...


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