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X the Unknown Variable - All Torn Up lyrics

[Verse 1: X the Unknown Variable]
Look into her eyes, to her, no surprise
This is absolutely no trick or disguise, huh
In this city, you see beauty, Palm trees and
Long Beach, Hollywood movie stars and broad
Streets, broad streets that are engraved with names, like
Engagement rings, I guess they're engaged to fame
Soon to be married, only "beautiful" wed
'Til do you part? Man, I'd rather be dead
These standards of beauty are being falsified, What ever
Happened to looking at was on the inside
Our women lied to, and some even die, too
I just hope, the truth, the rest will find soon
Contemplate suicide in a different fashion
Looking at yourself before death, like, "What happened?"
She sees the opposite of what I know is wrong, I'm
Not going to let her break into swan song

Black teardrops with animal blood mixed
Mixed right in, she's just getting her fix
Fix everything, though nothing is broken
All these heartless critics just watch as she's choking x2

[Verse 2: X the Unknown Variable]
Fingers down her throat, as she chokes she provokes
These feelings of happiness, her self is remote
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Her body's violated, she's intoxicated, every-
Thing she had for dinner, she threw up after she ate it
She's gotten used to that nauseous feeling she gets
Looks in the mirror, "Not pretty enough yet"
Never quit, never quit, she has to reach her goal
I guess her life depends on that movie role
How ironic, it's more like contradiction, never
Did you think you'd read in Health that this would be an addiction
An addict to madness, low self-esteem
Lured to copied what she has seen on T.V
With skeletons in her closet, she's one of them
She keeps going at it fearing she'll lose the part again
Role model on T.V. with the body to die
For, girl, you know you're in store for...


[Verse 3: X the Unknown Variable]
She was average size, she was on the verge of "thick"
Her target wasn't "stick", now she looks fucking sick
Paler than any white on the spectrum of color
Forced to begin with this habit by her mother
I saw this beautiful girl, how absurd
I tried to stop her, but my cried were not heard
But then again, she was half-dead
How can she stop when she began at age 10!?


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