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X the Unknown Variable - Rain on the 25th lyrics

[Verse 1: X the Unknown Variable]
Embracing the holiday spirit's all fine and dandy when you've
Got enough money to make all your children happy
You could sit around the table, sip on hot chocolate
Talk of last year's Christmas and how this one tops it
Preach to your kids, "Family is all you need"
Try telling that to the man who's sweeping up your leaves
Pulling out the weeds and mowing your perfect lawn
The cold sweat stings his eye, he doesn't even get to yawn
He wakes up in the A.M. just to make sure
That his kid never realizes that they're dirt poor
These kids are too innocent to see what's in their hands
They're way too young to be embarra**ed by generic brands
Take that judgmental pendulum, swing it back
Your way and see what your family would say
Take away the gifts and all the decorations
You'll end up with a pissed wife and kids with no patience

It's raining... it's pouring... x2
Drip... Drop x2

[Verse 2: X the Unknown Variable]
'Tis the season to give in to fat cats
While the strays are stuck alleys feeding their children rats
Scraping by with money from two different jobs
She waits on tables, he works for rich slobs
Pacts begin to form between the lower cla** and gods
In hopes of making more money before the kids find out it's odd
That their Christmas doesn't look like those on silver screens
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Instead of snow, they're surrounded by rain and filthy streams
They watches movies where snowmen receive souls
And told that Santa only brings naughty children coal
They sit down and write out these lists
And wait patiently for their gifts
The gifts they receive are exactly what they wanted
Little do they know that Dad emptied out his wallet
As long as they're smiling, he'll find time to spend
To worry about this coming month's rent


[Verse 3: X the Unknown Variable]
Don't give me that nonsense about
The Christmas spirit, I don't want to hear it
Every time you mention that you spit in the face
Of my siblings who bought me presents at a young age
What would your kids do if Christmas
Came and the living room looked the exact same
As every single day prior? They'd
Break down crying and call you a liar
"Where are the presents? Where's his DS?
Where is the XBOX? Where's her new dress?"
Where is the necklace the wife had expected?
You failed them, and you're the only one that they respected
Take a step back and analyze your spot
Realize that what you say, it's all talk
And to anyone who has any kids
This is L.A., expect rain on the 25th!


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