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X the Unknown Variable - If This World Were Mine... lyrics

[Verse 1: X the Unknown Variable]
What would you do if this world were yours?
Would you keep the gates locked or open up our doors?
Would you turn a blind eye to those swimming in rivers
Or give back our Native-Americans' quivers?
If it were up to me, I'd let freedom ring
And let the souls of our ancestors sing
The vibrations, I'm sure they'd run
Deeper than any bullet from any gun
It's not about who was here first
It's about who was placed in a cultural hears
I don't mind sharing the land with white
Rage and violence won't make thing right
If this world were mine, I'd bring back our trust in
Humanity, and get rid of handcuffs
I'd bring back the gra** that was greener than lime
If this world were mine... if this world were mine...

[Verse 2: X the Unknown Variable]
Innocent children cry every day
They get on their knees and beg them to stay
The victims of I.C.E., even during Summer
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With every word spoken, they get a bit dumber
You couldn't find a more disgusting term
To call these sweet children, Dirt covered worms
Parade on the NEWS and call them the name
"Anchor Babies" with no present shame
I'm sure their opinions would bust 180s
If their sisters were those being torn from their babies
If their sisters were dragged from their home
It's the ignorance our country has shown
If this world were mine, I'd put them in our places
And send them to nations with unfamiliar faces
I'd give them a look at what's on our minds
If this world were mine... If this world were mine...

[Bridge: X the Unknown Variable]
Our people aren't dumb
We're not all gangsters, we're not all pranksters
We're not all hoodlums who carry thee guns
We work hard and sweat under the sun
We provide for our families, we're tethered to our sanity
And forced to face an enemy who tests our humanity
If this world were mine...
I'd forgive all the souls who stepped out of line...

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