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Willie Hutch - Ain't Gonna Stop lyrics

Ain't gonna stop 'til I win your love (2x)

[Verse 1]
Girl, it's true
I've been talking about you
To everyone I meet...
Guess if I don't call your name
Once or twice a day
My day would not be complete!

And I know you've got
Someone else in your mind
That requiring all your precious time
But I've been strong
And I keep holding on
Cause I'm sure
One day you would be mine!

People say that I'm a fool
Going to a driveway
Trying to get a drink
Yeh Yeh Yeh!
But I believe my consistency
Will wear down your resistance
I think... Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaeeehhhh!

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Thats's why...

Ain't gonna stop 'til I win your love (2x)

People tell me little things
They call it "Good Advices"
But I've got a mind on my own!

And If they can't tell me
Something good about you baby
I rather they just leave me alone...

Cause I know what I want, sure do
And I know what I need. Ooooh
And If I can't haaave you baby, I'd tell you
Nothing else could satisfy me!

In 1492, Columbus made history
When he discover the New World
I ain't New for my lover
Together we discoveeeer
Just how sweet love could be!

Thats's why...

Ain't gonna stop 'til I win your love (2x)

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