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Willie Hutch - All Hell Breaks Loose lyrics

[Sample- Robert De Niro]

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?
You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to
You talkin' to me? Well I'm the only one here...
Who the FUCK do you think YOU'RE talking to?

[Verse- HMAK]

Good Co in the house salute to the highest rank
Cartoony White Dude from the Hills like my name Hank
Rollin' the finest dank compliments of NORML and Stank
While blowin' these rappers up like I sent em to Uncle Yank
The cla**ic sh** I spit to ya is stiff enough to plank
I got beats made in Garageband you could take to the bank
Presidential Everything told me this sh** crank
Goldie know I been on hunnit since Ben Frank
Grind on no sleep but I could do this with my eyes closed
So in the future, dwelling in a different time zone
Friends in the penn they waitin' to see me shine for 'em
...Maybe that GOOD behavior get em some time off
These some bars ya'll behind on
The only sentence somebody ask for more time on
In this booth I'll prove to 2 Hectic
You ain't need that AR just to get your C Rhymes on....
No shade though, partna I'm just playing
We went to school together's really all I'm sayin
A lot people out here praying we don't make it
But as soon as we do something dope they start asking for favors
Well I ain't with it I don't trust everybody
This job taught me you can't love everybody
I do it for my Mama you ain't just anybody
Do it for myself, still screamin f** everybody!
I'm not of this world I am so anunnaki
The bomb dot com Rap Saga Nagasaki
I oughta send Japan Dot a couple bombs of saki
And discuss our future projects over Chicken Teriyaki
On the up and up highly unlikely that I'm stopping
You ain't like it, tough luck you'd best best believe it
Cuz I got Irie dropping followed by Good Verses Evil
Thats the hottest sh** you'll hear for 4 seasons
Like my herb cured well, way the weight break down
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Nuggets look like the logo for four seasons
Talkin' Copious Zones, quote my bro Ezko
I got them pies everybody could get piece of!
Man I do it so well when I was twelve I spit a twelve
So hot they sent my a** to hell for dissin' Jesus
When you try to call me soft just for singing bout some broads
Ima look at you like what the f** you mean cuzz?
Okay.. Don't get it twisted the crew all Irie
But Boss do business like a cutthroat pirate
I'm irate, Better than who you are and pretend to be
Never spendin' a second not manifestin' my destiny!
Shots fired in the O requesting air support immediately
Do or Die, strippa mind
Give a f** if you feelin me
Makin a k**in' billin' em
Ain't nobody as real as me
No one not even Drizzy could drain me of all this energy
No one not even Glizzy could say that I ain't awesome
You speakin to me, you'd better watch how you talkin
No I ain't Young Sinatra, no you can't call me Rabbit
Im Em with the Pen and Logic with ProActiv
Bound for success yes my course is apparent
Ya raps ain't right and ya acts transparent
I never been a phony always has to telegraph it
So I morse with such force it divorce Famlay's parents!
I'm that Badmon! dey know mi numba one hot steppa
Your mouth tied the noose
I'm the dude to neck check ya
I hope you get in your feelings
I'm trynna keep it competitive
All of your subject matter discussed is f**in irrelevant
I am the courier take this message back to your regiment
I will Professor X anybody who wanna step to sh**
I been to hell and back... thats how I know I was heaven sent
Hip Hop is dying slowly, I'm pharmacist with the medicine
This sh** right here timeless
I might send this track to Cynical Minded
Let these new rappers try to see a boom bapper and I guarantee CM will leave clinically blinded
Sure as Slick need a new front tooth
All Hell Broke Loose after what Mack say
Me and Witty gon be waitin on some whack retaliation, laughin pa**in J's to my neighbor Ant J...

[Sample- Robert De Niro]

If I hear any more sh** outta you, I'm gonna f**in' bust your head and I'm gonna stick your head in a f**in' toilet bowl and I'm gonna make it stay there!

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