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William Evans - Be My Own (Bonus Track) lyrics

We never sleep at night
But we'll spend the days in bed
And you walk down the stairs ever so gingerly
Could've lived but I chose to love you instead

Fix me your poison, gin for your molly
Lime for your bruises and chalk for your holly
Tell me you're sleeping
I can't if you won't
Yeah you could be my own

The way that you smile when something pleasant is up in your mind
And you put your tiny lips to my ear
We could break this old routine, this apartment you and me
We could leave this town my dear

Rats in your armchair, burrs in your cotton
Baby turn my engines from polished to rotten
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Promise you'll keep me in a box by the phone
Yeah you could be my own

Would you burn all the crows in my fields?
Sing me to sleep
You won't ever have to walk, cause my cars just down the block
And Japan's only two weeks away if you travel by sea

Love where you moving? Heart where you going?
Your clothes on the floor, yeah your bruises are showing
Airplanes can take you to Paris or Rome
But you'll still be my own

Bells in the boathouse, champagne and icing
It's just like the movies, yeah your parents are crying
Our family's all gathered but we're getting stoned
Yeah you could be my own
I left all her pictures in a box by the road
So you could be my own

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