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Wild Colonials - Alice by Wild Colonials lyrics

The feeling was strong
When it crept up tonight
You look out at your life
And nothing seemed right
Everything sacred
Gone with the wind
You picked up the pieces
Who told you you'd sinned?
Call off your guards
Tell them to go
Plant the new seeds
Pray that they grow
Shed all your skins
You know you can fly
Open the door
Look up to the sky
The angels are ready
To help break your fall
Wipe off the dust
Walk through the wall
Don't be afraid of the life you have made
Love all the monents
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Welcome the Band
Alice in Wonderland
Kick off your shoes
Reach for the stars
You've go nothing to lose
You tell me you're praying
For life to come back
You tell me you're ready
To come out of the dark
I watch you with pride move towards your goal
I know that it's hard to relocate your soul
Your voice is alive you're out of the dream
You're back in your home
And we know where you've been
Repeat verse 3
The pain is quick and deep
But every hill that's worth
The climb will always be too steep

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