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I dwell in the shadows of the past life And I welcome you to try To pull my thoughts to the outside Introverted, am I supposed to be a man That doesn't hold it back I don't need the spotlight All I need is to be the man I know I am I dwell in the shadows of a past life And I never thought my words Would change the lives of the mentally disturbed It's insane to me, I help lyrically It seems, you're more f**ed up than me But that's who we are Ma** produced psychos with a million scars That's who we will be And you're the ones that made me Don't ever change We are who we are and it should remain the same If you don't want to dwell in the light Then dwell in the shadows with me I am a ghost They never see the side I hate the most Blackened by the outside I'm fighting a rising tide I'm not afraid, this is the part of my life That has made me who I am And what I am is a tortured soul helping them To see the light I am a voice for the people To relate to my hate But I'll always dwell in the shadows Until you call for me They will call us evil, forever they'll shun But just call my name And I'll take their tongues This blade cuts deeper than flesh It cuts down to the soul As we dwell in the shadows I am your voice for them to hear I am your thoughts, I am your fears We are one and we are all As we dwell in the shadows I never thought I could hold on Or help anyone to get out of the darkness And stop them from a suicide I know when you're lost it's hard to find Any peace for your mind Let me be your voice And hold the balance of mankind May be all find our way And stop us from self-destructing If that day still comes I'll die the man I always was

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