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Whitechapel - Prayer of Mockery lyrics

Open up your eyes
Prove the point that is sworn to me
Even blind ones see through your story
Begin on me, O Mighty One
Destroy me with the powers that be

I'm still standing here
My heart still beats a million strong
I'm calling you out; prove to your followers that you exist

Bring down your fury like the scriptures document
Judge me
Tell me that I am not worthy for you

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Rid me from this hell you've created and wipe my slate clean
Blind me with your light as though you never wanted me to see

Still, I find myself waiting for the answers to come
My patience is wearing thin once again

Wipe my slate clean

When the trumpet sounds your so-called Second Coming
Am I supposed to be trembling in fear?

Wipe my slate clean

Thou shalt not bear false witness

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