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White Fence - Do You Know Ida Know? lyrics

Tigerlily, oh let your hair down
Don't rush there's no time
Only summer for us
Hey dear bring me your dangers
Let go of your father's hand and we'll make some trouble
Tigerlily, don't let there be no other
Don't you know you're the only one to make my bedtime silver?
Hey dear come take my ?
Let me know when I've found all of your magic places
Nobody knows where ? comes from
Everybody's got one
I've got you
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I've got you a violence for you
How did it get there, babe?
We've been here, together forever
Tigerlily, come take my shelter
Putting this in the rain underneath the ?
Hey dear make me your sister
Give me love and some time too
Would you be the first one ever?
Oh tigerlily
You let me be your bother
Help me find all the ways to show you love me dearly
Hey dear, come be my mommy
I'll show you a place where we can mix blood together

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