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White Aladdin - Velvet Touch lyrics

(Intro: White Aladdin)
Yeah, the thousand caves filled with smoke tonight
Cutting unfriendly heads since 2012
White Aladdin
Straight from the V.I.C., Canada
Gravey Boyz
Representing the great white north up in this b**h

(Verse 1: White Aladdin)
Never will I cease the weed, reefing 'neath the trees
Burzum tee on my body, swishers up my sleeves
Slit them down the middle just to stuff them with my greens
Velvet Touch is naked, moon reflecting, watch it gleam
Gravey G's be the whole damn team, we never blowing steam
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Ascending up the slopes, mobbing hard on mountain peaks
Whetstone in my main gauche, mind at thousand feet
Bustas bound for burial cause they too dumb to flee
Iced out chalices, cedars round my cloister
Smoking in the rainy season, meditate in moisture
These are just the facts b**h, we frown upon your boasting
You liars want a ma** grave, my team be glad to host it
Mixing purple potion, burning stalks of scented tallow
Gustavo to your throat, rolling deep with my hermanos
Decked with gold but got no soul, y'all some fashionistas
I'm just cloaked in black on black and f**ing like it's Easter
You crackers stuck in cliches, your steez be like LaBrea
Believe it was my team that caused the fall of Wall Maria
All you rappers fantasize about them beams and heaters
But it only took this f**ing verse to prove the prince is realer

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