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White Aladdin - Flowing River lyrics

(Verse 1: White Aladdin)
I turn into a beast like I'm Eren Jaeger
Catch me in the street with a legendary dagger
White Aladdin, no takers?
Ya know that's true cause they don't wanna face me
I'm gonna erase them if they step
White Aladdin cleaving necks
I ain't looking for respect
I'm just trying to cash my cheques but you
f**ing haters try to step to me, so I've got no choice
I'd just rather smoke some weed in the back of a Rolls-Royce
Or better yet by a river, Tanqueray in my liver
Listen to the water rushing, gives me shivers
And I got my best lady by my side
She gonna be my bride one day, but
She giving me the bedroom eye
So I'm gonna have to stick my dick into her hide
I'm gunning for the prize
Get out the way 'fore I trap you in fractals of ice
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White Aladdin, palest prince
They call me that for a reason
Getting gold trophies every season
But I don't even play no sports
I ain't dealing with your wack lyrical retorts

(Verse 2: Yung Mugen)
We flowing like rivers
Every verse we gonna give'er
Make you rappers shiver
Flowing like rivers
Every verse we gonna give'er
Every single word, making rappers shiver
Yeah, Yung Mugen and White Aladdin
That's the set, we leave you crackers running
We ain't even gunning
When we step in we gonna stun 'em

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