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White Aladdin - Black Frost lyrics

(Verse 1: White Aladdin)
Yeah motherf**er you know it's me
V.I.C. till I D.I.E
White Aladdin stepping on the scene
That fiend pulling up for that dank a** green
Creeping while you sleep is how I be
Find me in the cemetery with an Arizona tea
Young white man of mystery, you can't find me in the night
Cause White Aladdin will put out your lights
You gonna drop without a fight
Palest Prince is shining bright
In the fountain of respite
I'm recuperating every day and every night, b**h

(Verse 2: White Aladdin)
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Yeah the water's so clear
I can't even hear all the taunts from all you lames
Echoing up in my brain each and every day
But I'm on the waves, midareba on my waist
All you f**ing crackers can just keep on, go and hate
I ain't gonna listen cause I'm never sober state
White Aladdin's rhymes'll make them ladies salivate
I do this by mistake, but it happen anyway
White Aladdin

(Hook: White Aladdin)
If a cracker come run up
I'mma cut him in the chuck
But if he just spitting dung
I'm above, I don't give a f**

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