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WeAreSkywalkers - This is A Man's World lyrics

[Intro/Sample: James Brown]
This is a man's world(x2)
But it wouldn't be nothing(nothing)
Without a woman or a girl

[Intro 2]
We Are Skywalkers

[Verse 1: Kid Raven]
Sitting on the sky-light sh** I must be home
I'm Dropping bars into the public Like a US drone
And this n***a is getting slicker Then a greasy a** poem
Making music all the time Until my fingers are bone
Fresh to und**h Like a Zombie wearing cologne
No woman by my side But I prefer to be alone

I Got the end of time To reminisce about my future
You can't f** with a n***a Unless you're versed in Kama sutra
Life you're a b**h, but my karma Doesn't suit ya
And my swag is to great For me to try and pursue a
Girl who's after money But can't hold down my Kahlua
And I may be a man But I can't save ya cause I'm not supa

Test my limits And just see where you end up
Yes I'm sending shots Putting down all of these sick pups

This is my profession
Confessing about my progression
Being the number one contender Overcoming my transgression
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[Verse 2: Kid Shokora]
Im goin in can the doctor pa** the forceps
I got to the mountain top and saw that there was more steps
So I took the elevator
See you later haters
Bong rips got me sounding Vader
Bring out the lightsaber
Rocky my n***a you're a lifesaver

Like those n***as who run on the beach in slow motion
The notion is impeccable/what's accepted is no longer acceptable

Im fiending to see the time period of teamdream
Scheming on their plans on how to make the world better
Kanye is a slave getting paid by the letter

So I can't really relate with all the bullsh** luxury rap
Me and my n***as bringing luxury back

This is something you can play In your DeLorean
While you're showing your past self how hard we going in

n***a you ain't know well know you're about to
My third eye is open you little n***as Chiaotzu

[outro:james Brown]
This is a man's world...

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