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WeAreSkywalkers - SILK lyrics

[Verse 1: Kid Raven]
Just kicking it with Dj so the fans have the day on replay
So they can see how we got here from Monterey

I don't stay cos i'm always in my go mode
To get up, get dressed and make money, no hobo

No need to ride solo when your girl offers to carpool
Saying we're cool even in anarchy we still rule

And that's the simple truth
So when i show up to Pyramind i just rock the booth

Flossing like a dentist so your girl showing off teeth
When she opens up her mouth, leaving her brain to be bequeathed

To a spade amongst the suitors
Just a bada** lyrical shooter
So if i die at a firefight just bury me at Hooters

So i can chill with the Cosmic Owl
Eating some chicken strips with some strippers while im on the prowl

Why Wolves hunt for the thrill of it
So when i'm k**ing it
Just make sure to right R.I.P

Like my lungs filled up when i lift up from the bong
Thats why i have the tolerance to tear up all these songs
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And it just goes on and on and on
So ima pa** Shokora this burnt out microphone

[Verse 2: Kid Shokora]
I'm flowing from the top of Mount Never Rest
My therapist is Heaven sent but thats irrelevant

Since he sits behind the mirror that i glance at
Whenever we cross paths is when i'm getting my matt wet

Like the 10th Doctor skinny dipping
While he's flipping through the Tardis

Hardest part of this verse
Is realizing i'm the hardest that you've ever heard

Sorry, that's my ego
And Kim Possible is wherever Shego
Cos we go through it
And Comeback Do's it
And we dance around these haters to the f**ing sound of music

And we choose to keep it tight, call it abstinence
This is puff, puff, breathe, we ain't pa**ing sh**
And tell Kid Blaze to spraypaint the casket b**h

Its W.A.S.T.D.C.B.M. with an X in the middle
You are playing second fiddle
To the kid in the back who eats tracks like skittles

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