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WeAreSkywalkers - Diana lyrics

[Verse 1: Kid Raven]
I'm sleeping on my mother's couch
Living in my families house
21 years old and all I hear Is what are you about

You're not about the b**hes And you're barely doing d**
Smoking weed named louie V Higher fashion than any uggs
Women say I'm a dog Well sh** I'm cuter than puppy pugs
And I'm deeper than atlantis With irish coffee in my mug

Sure I drink too much But it curbs the pain
I'm Trying to find my own way To show me and my dad are not the same

I'm not a monster I try to speak proper
And I don't care who likes my content Nobody should offer

Your opinion of me Unless you're paying for me
Myself and I, so multiply everything You buy by three
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[Verse 2: Kid Shokora]
Intimate lyricism similar to nepotism/cos what I am representing

Is a legacy/ahead of me like an outstretched arm/stay calm
Surrounded by pros this is the wrath of con

And I ain't talking like "hey lets go san Diego
And see a cosplayer of cammy looking very fuego"
Im talking like jesus was born in a stable
And starting selling cane cos he wasn't able

But im hypocrite yes indeed/
Making references to a book I don't even read

In the beginning god said let there be light
It makes me wonder why got so tired of the night

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