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WeAreSkywalkers - Messatsu lyrics

[Verse 1:David McCloud]

FLitz 2014

I'm a bandit not withstanding for all the antics Spazzin' and Crashin' the system
While hopin' this n***as quit b**hin; and stay the f** out my kitchen

n***as wanna hang like lynchin'
Impossible is the mission
While cruisin', n***as snoozin'--

While I'm speedin' in my lane
My n***a, we are not the same
'Caus you're a f**in' lame
And, I don't ride in no wheelchair

I been here like Sinclair
They fall out like thin hair
You're a poser like faker
We lose that sh** like cancer

[Verse 2: Kid Raven]

First off I'm the top of the cla**
With the fastest taps like blah blah blah blah
I'm mashing competition no admission to the show
Amber glow cause I'm red hot you should already know

I'm running the game like king pin
Words my legionnaire so I'm sweeping
Never creeping let them know I'm here
Adam already knows I'm the man of the year

So let's do d**
I don't wanna be sober
f** this year sh**s already over
Commander of the corps like cobra
Sickest in the game like Ebola

Never rover cause I already know what this planet has for me
So why don't you sit back
Let me grab you a seat

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[Verse 3: Nerdsworth]

What's the bling mean when you step into the ring?
Comin' at you to unravel them DNA strings
Goin toe to toe, I harness powers cosmic
I the Universe, wrote Magika's logic
Push you to the ground, I'm your school yard nerdy
True life, Son of Atlas. Sturdy--

Get your cla** up, Level up, Pull your pants up
Put in work til we bleed, Lykke Li, Kleerup

Man of Gallifrey, ain't no runnin out of time!
My shine's Santaria life's mana so Sublime!
Nerdy spittin' so hard it's like he's runnin' for the line!
Dirt flow, Grit grime, Make your lady lose her mind!

Move and ooz molecules, groove a way into your system
Dat a** ain't movin', b**h your a** ain't listen!

Blowin' off screws
Destroy a whole room
Jump without a chute
Get your booty cheeks loose, like

[Nerdsworth Bridge to end]

Get your booty cheeks loose
Get your booty cheeks loose, like (x3)

I just want to see you dance
Get your booty cheeks loose, like

Get your booty cheeks loose
Get your booty cheeks loose, like (x4)

Let's get this party started
And we can do it like
We're Gonna make it nasty
Girl we can go all night (x2)

*Repeat some stuff with loose butt cheek*

*End with dope Captain America, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, sample*

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