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We roll like madmen - Sad sack lyrics

There's a lot that's changing
And i don't think i like it
But, god, i hope i'll figure it out
I don't wanna be alone here
But i don't wanna leave yet
I just need a year
And then i think i'll get out of town

Let's get it together

No one wants to hear me whine
And i know i'm disappointing
All my friends, my mom, and my dad
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I don't wanna make this a race
But everyone's beating me
And it s**s playing catch up
But i think i'm all out of gas

At the risk of sounding like a
Teenager again, i feel like no one understands me
I don't wanna
Seem like a sad sack, but i don't know how to relax
Medication feels like
Such a f**ing cop out, but that's all i can think about
All i wanna do is
Get it together

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