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Wall - Somewhere On Lonely Street: WHO KULPRIT BE lyrics

[verse one]
Team Kulprit be the main team
So underground make the subways look mainstream
Fair warning, I'm a poignant white boy poet
Storming on the mic, so you better lay dormant
Sting ya like a hornet, I'm a rude awakening
I'm about to go HAM like bacon, kid
They "ooh" and "ah" at the rhymes that are fresh
Before you catch your breath, I'm already onto the next
Back to my roots. Back to beats with samples from the era of zoot suits
Now let me get loose while I'm sippin' on juice in the booth
If you don't like me, you're an enemy of the truth
You got to be smart. You got to have heart in this art
Because I got both, that's what sets me apart
With wordplay, I'm back at it
Right under the roof in the fall. Now that's autumn attic
Under the roof, in the fall now that's autumn attic

Now, I know you know that Kulprit D
But do you really know who Kulprit be?
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A raconteur of the highest degree
Smarter than your average emcee

[Verse two]
Kulprit, how you shine?
How can you be old school but still be ahead of your time?
How can you make it look easy while still hard on the grind?
The lowest point in your life, and still trying to rise
Cause I was told if I want it then I gotta go get it
I wanna prove 'em wrong, that's the reason I spit it
And no more bragging bout the fitted while I get a mic check
Or eat the kitten from the Ms. I lifted from
A house a block down. We was young and in love
I don't wish her ill, I just wish she had stuck around
Trying to make music that will turn the ladies on
Make them feel something due to my songs that's like
Pendergra** or Vandross with their hands close
To your inner thigh. Man, I'm too much to handle
Disappear into the night just like Randal
And paint a picture of it with my words; lyrical vandal

[Hook x2]

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