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Wade - The Zone lyrics

Whoa, all these broken hearts on that pole
Man if breaking heart's is an art you know how many f**n' artists I know
Got some new girls on my mind, things I ain't ever scared to show
Got some good things ahead of me when these bad b**hes let go
Well girl let's..go, walk yo broken heart though that door
Think about every single place
Where you really wanna go
Lets take it slow
She in love with my crew
She said mix enough so I drink some
I thought taking shots just ain't you, be you
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Yeah girl, just be you
Tonight's the night I make things better, and that heart i'll heal too
That's the real love, from up top
That Y.N.R.E flow
Got too much on my though
But it's all good, don't stress though
First night f**, never really planned it
Second night date, knew we had pa**ion
You look so good, a** so famous
She loving this attention, it's all good for business out here
But she got me all up in my zone
Say she be here right here with me, sh** you welcome to come along
Aw yeah

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