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W. Wilfred Campbell - Glory of the Dying Day lyrics

O glory of the dying day
That into darkness fades away!
O violet splendor melting down
By river bend o'er tower and town!
O glory of the dying day
That into darkness fades away!

O splendor of the gates of night!
O majesty of dying light
That all a molten glory glows,
Till purple-crimson fades to rose
And dying, melting, outward goes
In ashes on the even's rim,
When all the world grows faint and dim!

O silvern sound of far-off bells
Ringing, ringing miles away
Over river, fields, and fells,
Round the crimson and the gray;
Pealing softly evening out
As the dewy dusk comes down,
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And the great night folds about
River, woodlands, hills, and town!

O glory of the fading hills!
Splendor of the river's breast!
O silence that the whole world fills!
Sanctity of peaceful rest!
Alien from the care of day,
Now a petalled star peeps in:
Now night's choruses begin,
Musical and far away.

O glory of the dying day,
When my life's evening fades away,
May it in splendid peace go down
Like yours o'er river-bend and town—
Not into silence blind and stark,
Not into wintry muffled dark—
But, heralded by stars divine,
May my life's latest evening ray
Melt into such a night as thine.

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