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Tyrese - I Salute lyrics

Black Ty
It's time to show 'em the other side
you mothaf** ain't ready

sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt it won't work so don't dirt on the n***a and watch me brush my shoulders off i ain't soft for loss i'm ceo the boss
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think about it he did went from this and that and back now he tryin to rap no we ain't havin that says who? You? you ain't gotta clue what i been through you moron... we used to be cool when i was on the R&B side rap n***as are singin i figured i give it a try can't be mad you n***as never called me for a hook the industry shrook i'm black ty open the books
steady reppin the block n***as knowin from watts keepin it hot the westcoast move won't stop
straight out the do' fo sho, got plenty collabo's you n***as ain't ready for the raft don't make me laugh
i've been doing this rap sh** for years blood sweat and tears, no fears so let me be clear i got medicine for you ears and ... i salute

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