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Tyrese - Ghetto Dayz lyrics

Yeah, right.
Compton, South Central Watts, Longbeach, Ingerwood
I'm reminiscing about my ghetto days
West Coast for life, live and die for this sh**

When I was young living life on the run,
11 years old real life no goals,
sneaking little sips in the cut,
before they even called me Kurupt,
ridin down the block so I'm a tell you how I grew up,
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I was always in the mix, too young for sticks
Ty tell em about that Watts experience

In Watts, a n***a couldn't wait for the summer time back yard barbeque yeah that'll free your mind,
we stayed fallin of them ice cream trucks,
all my n***as nikle baging it and hustling bucks,
you...could catch me in the middle of the streets slap boxing wit my n***a porky,
an as I take you down my memory lane I reminiscing about my ghettos days, let em know

let me take you back.

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