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Tyler Horn - Camp Song 2015 lyrics

I like to stand up like the real slim shady
Camps about to be better than Biscuits & Gravy
Camps the place to be and that ain't no maybe
Get pumped up, opposite of Tom Brady

(Hook Instrumental)

Don't Forget The Bug Spray

This that ty_ccmg, we goin to camp
It just might be sunny it just might be damp
But we don't care, we just throw our hands in the air, Link Camp Swag everywhere
Yeah we gotta lotta o'er here, whatchu gotta have to take on, activities, play on this year
Basketball, we have it all, Ultimate, & Volleyball
Tryna hit that pool but k**ers behind every wall
Don't you see us strapped up with our bibles and our water gunz
Fun in the sun and with the Son, can't wait for camp? It's just begun!

Listening to blank space, going to Lacygne
Learn about that Gray space is how it's gonna be
It's gonna be a blast so come party, with me
We've been waiting all year long, grab your friends and come along

Going hard in the paint(paint), you know we ain't fakes(fakes)
With Jesus on our team, we got all the things we need
Get ready for the hill, it's about to get real
No time to waste, we be on the chase

Now this swag that we feeling
It may just last a long time
Link Camp Swag in the building

It's gonna blow your mind
It's gonna blow your mind
Camp's gonna blow your mind

Boyz R Bak Crew

Take a shower with a cockroach but you know I don't care
Just gained 50 pounds on camp food, I'm about to break a chair
Or a bunk bed, but get it in your head
The boys are back again and they might break your heart instead

Yo, it's Bek on the track, you know the boys are back
We going to Lacynge so be on my team(be on my team)
We gonna get the lead cuz we got that speed
All day, Err-day, you know we never hit the hay
(Link Swag Bekah Out)

Be prepared not to wash your hair, the boys are back so you better get packed
The water slide will be so cool, fun in games, in the pool
Get ready for such a fun time, I don't even know how to rhyme
Em-Dizzle is peacin out, Camp is here so give a shout
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Yo, it's lil kazoo, no more confetti
I am not Amish ready
My mom bakes bread, she thinks I'm dead
But I'm not. I'm 22
Animal control will not control me
I just bought a box of spicy chicken rice a roni
If you ever beat me in monopoly
I'll smack you in the face and kick you in the knee

Now this swag that we feeling
It may just last a long time
Link Camp Swag in the building

It's gonna blow your mind
It's gonna blow your mind
It's gonna blow your mind
(Megan: Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp)
(Addie: Don't Forget The Bug Spray?)
(Megan: Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp)
It's gonna blow your mind
(Megan: Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp, Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp)
Camp's gonna blow your mind

Chillin' with my friends(At The Pool)
Swimming in the pool(At The Pool)
Driving in my car(At The Pool)
Climbing my favorite tree(At The Pool)
Laying down concrete(At The Pool)
Haulin' Cube!(At The Pool)
Swimming with my horse(At The Pool)
Pulling pranks on myself(At The Pool)

Swag swag swag, swag swag swag, Ayo, we got that swag
I'm on the G-e-r-y S-p-a-c-e
Is all that I need, ok, is all that I see
When I say Gatorrrrr, you say Aide
Gator-(Aide)Aide, Gator-(Aide)Aide
Gator-(Aide!!!!), Gator(bug spray)
Alright DJ, will you, drop this beat
I'm on that, sw-sw-swag sw-sw-swag sw-sw-swag, oh yeah

B-Ray in the building, with my famo and we buildin'
Jump up outcho seat and feel this feeling that we feelin'
Camp 20-15, supreme, super size my fries
Extra large pepsi to go, I need some apple pies
Gimme one second, I need to pack my sunscreen
Abraham "Link"in, get it going, we got one thing
To do, gettin crazy, never lazy, we go party, not a maybe
Its a yes or a no, check yes yeah you gotta go!

Camp 2K-15
Coming at ya live
Buckle your chins straps, get ready
Here we come, Camp 2K-15

Addie: Don't Forget The Bug Spray!

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