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TyDro - Quiet Money lyrics


[Verse 1: AZ]
This another one street stressin'
Keep pressing, he's guessin'
Please, I'm in the cut wit a bottle she's blessin'
Where I been that's the key question, n***as yellin' keep reppin'
I must to left some kind of deep impression, peep the essence
I speak in lessons if you seekin' reference
Never leave your weapon, see me if you need connections we insessin'
Built aggression only brief deception
I mean my n***as filled with flexions
So believe he's resting, leave the message
f** with me n***as will beat you breathless, leave you naked
I keep it gully like the Visa question we perfect this
That's probabtion got us extra hatin'
No explaintion for the murders this just rap-a-lations recreations
This rap sh** got us celebritin'
Like we saving, we in hell with Satan, jails are waitin' smell probabtion
Serve time got us telemaking
Legendary now n***as can't tell me nathin'

Yo, at fourthteen my hot a** was chasin' b**hes
At fifteen my brother told me get them digits
Told me every penny count n***a hit them trenches
Don't floss to hard, don't burn no riches
Don't trust no b**h when your dough get heavy
And don't smoke with her if the blunt rolled already
No a** bettin', if you show it you betta blast it
Math cla** on the corner yeah I pa**ed it
Die right now take twenty from you bastards
f** it throw a fifth of Henny in my casket
Never got my a** kicked, never had a pitbull
I just went to high school with the clip full
First n***a act get a clip full
Mama raised me but the streets made me
Rum got me hazy chasin' this cream
f** a dollar and a dream hundred grams and a thorough team
And I'mma make the block work
Sos re-ing me up got the hood on clockwork
Bedstuy n***a, you know it's on
Gotta flow so strong you could put it in a bomb

[Refrain x2]
When I die I'm gone go in fashion, guns blastin'
Cash inside coffins, Memories get lost when you die
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The legacy, an eye for an eye but overall I will survive n***a

Jump out the drop top
Catch you why you coppin' at that weed spot
Speak not you know them b**hes be your weak spot
I'm in the trenches that's where ya'll n***as scared to come at
Where all the guns at, where my shorty flip them ones at
That's where my son's at, you speak of war but you don't want that
I blew the Timbs out and got the GS wit the rims out
I air your Benz out baby moms and her friend's out
I knock the lens out, I bring the Boyz and them Mens out
I leave you laced up, you paralyzed from the waist up
I'll f** your face up, when I finish tossin' cakes up
I'm eating the Kris up, I iced the finger, neck and wrist up
If it's a mix up, look at all the ones that I fix up
I mean I f**ed up, f** around you getting stuck up
You press ya luck up, back this motherf**ing truck up
I'm bout to black out, it's up to me to close this track out
I pull the Mack out, I blow your chest and your back out
And knock the Glock out, air this whole f**in' block out
I knock a cop out, f** a high school drop out
Attempt murders, two to sixty on a cop out
I'm f**in' with my n***a's up north on a lockout
The M A S A, you run your mouth we smack the tast out
We blow your face out, pay the judge to throw the case out

Check the game and the cats that play in it
Quiet money youngest lieutenant
Yea world it's been a minute, I'm in it
Till my heart stop or blood touch the concrete
Beyond deep, these streets got me gripping my heat
Losing sleep, breaking day sling crack to fiends
W.D. forty to sixty having backwards dreams
The cash the cream, from the cradle to the casket green
Got the game tied up we the nastiest team
We flash we steam if its on then we mash your beam
Yellow tape the sidewalk and leave a nasty scene
Your back is spling ya brain, face and chest get sprayed
The desert the miss the spot when it bust your way
We touch we lay in the streets it's a must we play
We cook, we chop bust pots down and clust the way
From light to day its only right that we cock and spray
We speedin' off, could spot a snake from a block away
I told you A what the game need is a change of speed
Visulize the realism I'm a dangerous speed

[Refrain x2]

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