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TyDro - Bad Machine lyrics

Breathe Whatever, Feed This Machine
Thats Alive In me

Verse 1 TYDRO
...And Ever Since a Kid, I been feeling different
Like there is something inside I can't Explain what it is
It feels like pride mixed in with revenge
Its the feeling that you get when you never had sh**
When you finally get something
But gotta spend it on ya ends
When you all by yourself
Never really wanted friends
Nobody understands
Nobody gives a sh**
Realize life is like a movie
Thats when you flip the script
Welcome to the matrix
I hope you can face it
I took the red pill and I can still taste it
And I can still feel what y'all can't....because y'all basic
Anyways, back to my nightmares and dreams
Why they program you with the TV Screens
And ya type in spells on ya touch touch screens
I won't blame you for my f**ed up dreams
Oh Well....Whatever, Just feed this machine

Breathe Whatever, Feed this machine, Thats alive In Me

Verse 2 TYDRO
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I got a monster Inside like my name was eleven
The world full of stranger things, I can't tell em
Got to feed it all the time
Just to keep it alive
But the ones who deprived
Got the power of the mind
Come alive at night
Like we living in the lights
We the ones who fight
Through the upside down
Right here the whole time
Why they looking all around?
On the other side of life
We where the stars fall down
Looking for the lost
Still trying to find
I think my compa** off
I lost track of time
I think somebody playing tricks with my mind
What a trick to a wizard when he kick a little rhyme
Connected to the dreams, No.. i never been asleep
I been feeding the machine, it controls everything
Electric City never seen my crucifix
So i feed that b**h nothing but computer chips

Breathe Whatever, Feed This Machine, Thats Alive In me

Instrumental Bridge.....

Feed This Machine.......

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