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Tyam - Mémoires (Prod. By Rikio Ito) lyrics


Every time i hop the beat, its recognizable
Everybody tryna be me, its indescribable
Undeniable, for half of these people are unreliable
They may be denying, what im implying, but what would lying do
Streets of safari so ima show em what a lion do
Roast em over to open fire nothing to tie em to
The jungle on my shoulders, & i know you heard of minks
Cause im erve gotti with the pen & how i murder ink
I hit the studio im trying get a necklace
I left then i started to right imean bu dexterous
My punchlines hit hard you ready to bruise
But i never lose, cause im miami in 72
Call me don shula, im seeking the prime j**eler
Had me bezelled out right, i know he don't mind mula
Uh i keep going till the set done
Im the future of fly, im living it like a jet son
Some hate me, why the others imitate
Hatas love us in reality, that's what i indicate
On time never late, cause royalty is in my fate
Got some dudes who don't hit the gym, but you know they flipping weight
They gon take me out the game, ima boss
Yea right, i wish a n**uh would like a log
Im prepared for the wins & the losts
When im stressing get a black with a bottle full of sauce
Cause im young and i ain't really rushing for a doe hood
Yea i make mistakes that don't mean i ain't no good
Live up in burbs put i prolly be in yo hood
& you think im gone im just really on the low good
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0 12 propel angel but i cause hell
Animal i move fast nascar no snail
I grind hard to keep my pockets fat, they doing swell
You got no guap & no shot, OH WELL!
You say you want some help, its every man for himself
This a heavy weight match, im going home with the belt
If im sick for them dollas, split ya dome, for ya health
& if im coming close to poor, im in ya home for the wealth
Judge me if you want, you already know my steez
Treat em like blunts, so we roll em like its trees
Like the letter after "D" we do this sh** with ease
We got a buzz like the letter after "A" we them b'z
I get it poppin like a popper
Sick wiz the doctor, them n***as is molotovs, we them n***as that was hotter, Get in then we pop her, new song how we drop her
Im metal mixed with steel, & all my the competition copper
I ain't living lavishly, i ain't with the flattering
You on me too long, i k** em off dead battery
Get a n***as feeling hurt if he try to battle me
Compatible compatibly ga**ing n***as that's after me


I dedicate this for… for everybody saying i was cool
For people that believed in me when i was making movies
For everybody in my section, for my family &
For the man up stairs with the gift to be a deadly weapon
Things ain't the same how it should be…
Although I'm standing right here, don't over look me
LOOK, id rather vent instead of asking for help
So i thank all of y'all cause i ain't do it myself & thats real

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