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Tyam - Bittersweet Smyphony lyrics

[Verse 1]

Flow ill, nothing sweet, won't cop no lattae
You walking wit a limp, got the cott-toe-matae
I been balling all my life, i ain't got no shop date
They tired of the tick, so they watch that tock swaaaaay
I mean tock sick, tell me i am not sick
Got dreams in crocc skin & the drop with
Take a break & now I'm seeing that they love to hate us cause I'm 17 but I'm flowing like I'm 28
My future set up, you living for a funny fate
Give me the raaang, look you could have a sunny date
It'll make me stronnnnger, so i can keep my money safe
It could take a long time, now i know i wanna wait
Wait, ill rise to a better day
Tell you my whole life, rhymes is my resume, allowance wasn't cutting it now I'm looking for a better pay
April let me down, now I'm for a better may
Same philosphy, I'm on to the next one and ride for thee' apostrophe, I'm showing in possession
Uhh I'm showing I'm the best one
Degression is testunn, i move for progression
Huh my verse is just some written words, action when I'm packing so you know I'm always spitting verbs
I was fresh mouth..was sup maaa, nappy heads now I'm throwing out the beads like mardi graaaa
& i was always acting tuff, so I'm sorry mom
I appreciate you gave me everything you never had
& to the rest, i was blessed just to have em, clothes on the rack thought about me so they graaaabbed em
For the shows… man i always knew to show up wouldn't forget the support… if i was to blow up
I said a certain bar got my family like you know what?
My father kept me clean with a ceasar kept the low cut
My mother sense of humor like that girl got no butt
About whats inside she taught me to say so what uhh
Fresh to death… because of them I'm still a living meeeee
So i appreciate everything that you have given me
Everything you've given me
Has brought to a point nowww where i can be a better me…
I hope its better sea
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Nothing tatted clothes but I'm looking for a better "T"
Like the change from averex, to double geeee
Ima prodishay uhhh, i mean a prodigy they hating but they ain't saying nathen it doesn't bother me
Look what competition is man i should never fear it, shout out to all my fans for knowing all my lyriiiiiicccssss

[Verse 2]

I ain't done know, keep it going

Its like evil when them aggies still asking me to hear it
You rapping for a hobby, i do it because I'm gifted
& the boy is just a baby
When i was young swag weeee called em wavy
Look, he would do it no question when i was lazy
Then he whined & cried talking bout he made me
But i know i go hard in the paint
At times i thank god i know he sent me a saint
Even though im younger im always someone to thank
You signing with illuminati for millions up in your bank
Look & to my true few huh, you know who's who
Fresh few in the bloom field high crew
I love life & i love y'all too
I appreciate it wouldn't of made it wasn't for you
Its true (its true) like what it do (what it do)
So sick now I'm passing out the fluuuu huhh
Yea , i loaned it back down to respect the authority
I guess it all comes with a little maturity uhh
I know who kelly be, but iono who teesha is
I doesn't matter for everything I'm appreciative

For everything I'm appreciative
For everything I'm appreciative
I know who kelly be, but iono who teesha is
I doesn't matter for every one I'm appreciative

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