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Ty Steez - Take It Off lyrics

[Verse 1: K-Young]
She looked me in my eyes and told me
I want you to lick me head to toe
Against the wall and on the table
Pictures of us on the staircases all night making love
Only you til the sun comes up in the morning
I'll be underneath the sheets going hard on you all day
I'll go down on you, down on you
Down - I wanna go down
I, I wanna go down, I
I wanna go all the way down
She says she like it when I'm freaky
So I'mma get straight to the point, woah
I'm 'bout to wrap you in these satin sheets, love
And blaze your body like a joint

[Hook: K-Young]
I told her, told her, told her take it off
Take it off, take it off, take it off
We could get it started right now
Take it off, take it off
We could get it started right now
I'm fiending for you, lustin' for your thrill
I want you all over me
Cause when I get you back to the crib you know what it is

[Verse 2: Crooked I]
She knows I'm the trillest, I ain't gotta act hard
Pools on the rooftop, tennis in the backyard
Wesley Snipes credit sh**, yeah, I'm talking black card
Wesley Snipes street money, yeah, I'm talking tax fraud
She knows I'm a hustler, she ain't got a problem with it
You got a closet, little mama - you should put some Prada in it
Might of thought a doctor hit it, anesthesia dick
Put you to sleep when I knock you with it, have to please my chick
Baby say she on the pill, but not the birth control
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She talking 'bout the pill that make you lose the word ''control''
And the lady got sk** the way she work that pole
Her frame is so ill her body hurt your soul
And her brain-game is on point, I think she went to Spelman
Left her ex kelvin, his s** was underwhelming
And I'm on another level, grab the magnum for sure
Cause a pound of prevention is worth a thousand pounds of cure


[Verse 3: Demetrius Capone]
She driving me her to the crib, I eat her on the way
She don't know about this dick, she gon' learn today
I showed her I can drive stick, she learned the hard way
24 hour dick, it's gonna be a long, hard day

[Verse 4: Julius Luciano]
I be eating on her kit-kat, I be loving her chocolate
She give a n***a kisses, she s**s my what-you-ma call it
She wanna s** this rapper off, she trying to get to the good part
After I score with her she calling me Mr.Goodbar

[Verse 5: Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
She said she want a threesome, her sister wanna to wax me
Her sister came first, nothing comes before family
Got nice a**, nice tits and what-have-you
Girl, what you have make me wanna have you

[Verse 6: Kenny Siegel]
I'm trying to f** every single one of you women
Married too, not just every single one of you women
Girl, bend it over - here's some Vodka, take a sip
If you gotta think it over, you're honestly over-thinking it
Go and (Take it off), go and...


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