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Ty Dolla Sign (Ty Dolla $ign) - $nitches lyrics

[Produced By: Ty Dolla $ign]

[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]

[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]
Say she wanna be held like a mink in the winter, no no
She ask me how do I feel, how do I feel, no no
You know snitches get stitches (snitches get snitches)
Ignorance is bliss, can a n***a get a witness?
I'll tell you what
I ain't gotta trick on nothing, no no
I ain't tripping on you, I ain't tripping, I ain't tricking on you
They be tricking on you but I ain't tricking on you
They be snitching telling me all about you
I'ma take my time, that's what a n***a gonna do
I ain't tripping I ain't tricking on you, they be tricking on you
But I ain't tricking on you
They told me all about you, oh no

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
You ain't gotta plan on it
Me sitting on a stand with a bible with a hand on it
They be talking like the man on it
You can play the tape and understand what he saying on it
n***as sounding like Sam on it, Teflon Don why you sticking to the pan homie
From a good fella to a teller
n***as droppin dimes in the bags in the bands on it
I'ma just land on it
Plant my flag like a moon with a man on it
They be singing to the choir with a wire
But this the eighteen gold chains with the van on it
This the eighteen gold chains with the van on it
Life is a beach with some sand and a tan on it
But it's getting too high
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Spread the money out now look like a fan on it


[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
Now if you only love me for the money
Then that mean you gon leave if they come and take it from me
Now I ain't saying I ain't Fort Knox
But you never know who be at the do' when the door knock
That's why we keep the door locked
Keep an open mind but I ain't messing with the door stops
God forbid that the dough stop
If the paper wrinkle we can hit it with the Botox
n***a get fo' shots smelling new money call it their nose jobs
And we been working for it so hard
Best believe we ain't hurting for a blowjob
Why you t**ng for it so hard?
Working with them people for some Goyard
Keep my mind on them gold bars
Crucial crucial crucial go hard


[Bridge: Lupe Fiasco]
Independent women get the "all cool"
Gold digging b**hes get the door foo
Don't misinterpret what you're hearing
I ain't tryna get out, I'm tryna put some years in
And ya gotta lay a foundation
Break it down basic can't play around payin
n***as ain't saying they ain't makin downpayments
But we ain't at the station, turning State, making statements


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