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Ty Dolla Sign (Ty Dolla $ign) - 24 Hours (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: DJ Carisma, DJ Mustard, TeeFLii]
Young California (Carisma!)
This is the remix, this is the remix
Mustard on the beat, ho

[Verse 1: Bobby Shmurda]
Then I ask her what she waiting for
Called my phone then
She told me that she 24, going grown
Then I ask her what she tripping for
I get my own
And my mama she don't live at home, I bought her Rome
Thick thigh little pretty ho
And I be getting high when she getting low
You should see her hips slide when she on the pole
So I'mma go and get miles before I hit the dough
Girl pop that, pop that
When I say start don't stop that, stop that
Let a hot n***a hit it
You gonna be addicted when a hot n***a get it

[Bridge: TeeFLii]
Girl don't hide it from me
You should be the type to provide it to me (This is the remix)
And let a thug hit it (This is the remix)
You ain't gotta get dressed or do your hair
Girl I got

[Hook: TeeFLii]
24 hours, 24 hours
You getting ratchet for me
I got 24 hours, 24 hours
24 hours, 24 hours
Even though you don't know me
You still can get 24 hours
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[Verse 2: Ty Dolla Sign]
Girl by the way
I been drinking Bombay
And I ain't come to talk
I was thinking rough s** hit it out the ballpark
One shot, two shot
Got your little a** too drunk
Big booty on her
Told her back that a** up like Juve on it
Oh yeah, twerk it for a real one
Is it me, or my n***a? Girl choose one
I'm with all my n***as and we all rich
Girl I'mma boss and I need a boss b**h
I got 2 more hours
And I'mma give you dick, no flowers
Dolla $ign girl get it tatted
I like it when you call me "Big Daddy"


[Verse 3: TeeFLii]
Annie like how a thug do it
All my ladies gon' pop that p**y
Touch your toes
I know you want to get naughty
Oh Annie are you okay
You f** with me the long way
You a freak in the sheets
Oh girl, waiting on the album
Cause' I'mma give you what you need
Annie relex
I'm the reason that you put it down
White girls, black girls


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