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Ty Black - Can't Sleep lyrics

[Hook: J'sar]
East coast n***as, knod you heard to this
West coast n***as, throw your W's up
Down south, Midwest what is is
Can't go to sleep f** counting sheep, I count chips

[Verse 1: J'sar]
Real n***a, live sh**, sippin' on henn
They ask why on every song I mention I'm bent
You want the truth don't cha? The mirror my opponent
My rap get you ga**ed no beans high explosive
Hoes want closure, best lose my phone number
I'm so Trump minus the fortune arrogant
Heir apparent to anybody called rap's king
Like k**a Cam spit it fam n***a that's me
Tight cooch a give a playa Indian burns
But nothing bacterial what's the scenario
Pacino and De Niro flow k** righteously
Any man who got the pie but took a slice from me
If I could sleep between photo shoots they wouldn't have to photoshop
Bags from under my eyes how I be posted up
GQ magazine but nothing sweet
‘cause I'm unarmed got thirty n***as in black masks that carry heat


[Verse 2: J'sar]
Call me the villain I'll smile because I like it
Kick a Robin Givens to the side no sidekicks
Don't worry who I'm wit' these ready to die kids
Blast Mr. Wallace when they not bumping my sh**
J apostrophe S A R
Fifteen when I pump sixteens on rap songs
My wrist cause damage like a nuclear bomb
Got the world hatin' on me they impose sanctions on me
And even then I refuse to follow a trend
I be on a different Earth you no where close to him
He third person spit he superior verbalist
Went to court the judge and jury said he f**ing murdered it
Word to real not in Pittsburgh but deal with steel
Like those who make a living off at a mill
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I be the last n***a never have a son or a daughter
J'sar the son of God I'm not the son of my father


[Verse 3: J'sar]
Potent never been stepped on rap dialogue
But I been slept on get woke by a firearm
Call the shooter a rooster far from a deuce duecer
Producer be the ruger certified try that
Rappers calling Ty Black looking for ammo
But never will compare to J apostrophe Rambo
I prey on predators you wish you was competitor
One shot your garments just got a little redder bruh
Don't force my hand of course I plan
I don't like to fail or post bail for petty crimes
Who am I in case you don't know
A rap pro real heads dap me up though
My minds twisted Kevorkian committed suicide
When he heard my rhyme the wack fear it
I'm that iller I'm that n***a who paint pictures
No braille but well well the blind still feel it


[Outro: J'sar]
First and foremost J'sar give a shout out to Virginia
Maryland, the DMV, the Carolinas
My n***as out in Florida, my n***as out in Georgia
New Orleans, Louisian'
My n***as up in Boston, Ma**'
Bean town bean town, smoking blunts in Cali'
Out in the bay, stretch to L.A. stretch to Hollyhood though
Cincinnati Ohio though you know
Chicago, Illinois ill town ill town
Ayo stretch to Iowa, my peoples in Vegas though
You know Texas though New Mexico
Straight up Arizona, Phoenix what it is
Ya nah'mean Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx
Queens, Staten Isl' New York New York baby
Harlem, all around fifty states though

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