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Ty Black - 100 Bars lyrics

Sometimes I gotta paint the pictures for y'all, you know
Cause y'all got a whole lot of paint in y'all life
But, y'all don't know what to do with that brush
That's where J'sar come in, that's where I come in
I create the theme music to your life, you know
It's 6 billion people in the world, whole lot of theme music to make
I got a whole lot on my shoulders dog

[Verse 1: J'sar]

I know some n***as, if they ain't drunk or high, they can't sleep at night
I know some faithful b**hes, they call me, they creep at night
I be in situations make me say "I can't believe its life"
What can I say, well I guess I'm happy to be alive
I write this for the listener, so make sure I read it right
Guess its on me if your ear don't receive it right
f** if you ain't on d**, thun, this could be your pipe
My rap like a struck match if you need a light
First and foremost, I believe in Jesus Christ
Lord forgive me if he try me I'll delete his life
Stairway to heaven, get to steppin', you gone see the sky
Close range, blood vessels blown, weed is in my eyes
Young n***a wise like I'm 'bout a hundred five
I tell a broad get in the car if she wanna ride
It's quite simple, feel no need to beat around the bush
The only reason n***as meet you is to get the puss'
I might lose a broad or two if they play this song
But I don't give a flying f**, a n***a major y'all
You fast food dude, step beyond filet mignon
I got some food that's on my plate and don't know what it's called
I look out for you if you trying to rise, I put you on
Ain't nothing free, but why the labels trying to rip me off
Selling me the dream, throughout the week, seven different cars
Marketing and distribution, all a n***a really want
Jewelers on the conference call, but they don't hear me though
I been knew this music sh** ain't like the music videos
You wack n***as only rapping, chasing cash get
Reynold's wrapped, I split your fitted cap because I'm that n***a
You heard of SARS, J'sar, I am that "iller"
Don't let the clean image fool you, I'm a f**in' n***a
I'll break your heart baby I will f** your sister
And have a threesome if she bring your fine a** cousin wit' her
Donald Trump ambition is in your stereo
f** being broke my life need a new scenario
Fifty foot yacht on the dock just to f** a ho
Somewhere off the coast floating over the Atlantic O
I see y'all n***as nod y'all head like you heard something
Police looking for me, trying to say I murdered something
Think I'm taking steroids how I flex the verbal muscle
You can hear this loud and clear if you deaf, word to Russell
I rise a fist like Jesse Owens or Ron Simmons
I be the type to game her right and have Robin giving
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How many times your heard a rapper mention Robin Givens
Add a tally to the count because I just did it
Pa** the blunt to the speaker if you f**in' wit' it
Pour a little henny in the cup and you summon my spirit
You want potent rap, careful what you ask for
You OD, get revived, then ask for more
Get familiar cause this rapper got his feet planted
My presence on a stage will have them on their feet standing
I take a beat, slam it, I had hoop dreams damnit
Since a kid, watching M.J. causing teams damage
We hit the courts, later on, we was hittin' 'ports
Pa**in' shorts on a course for athletic divorce
We used to play with no rules now these federal laws
Get broken and we either see bread or the bars
My whole crew survived, nobody deaded or gone
Stories remain untold, can't be said in a song
Prosperous, victims were obstacles
It's possible, I own night vision binoculars
I see green, if you want to call it jealousy
I figure four ya into rigor mortis, you forever freeze
And you'll forever be somebody we will never see
'less ya obituary got a picture by your legacy
But, optimistically, a n***a out for music checks
These hoes will fall for anything be having stupid s**
Word to real you tell a b**h what she wanna hear
You can get a s**, hit it from the front or rear
I tell you this because I'm real and hope you step your standards up
Otherwise, once I lay you down, I'mma stand you up
You can call a hun'ed times, never get an answer once
See you in the club, won't extend to hug or dance with ya
You call it foul, the actions went around and came around
I never seen a pair of spread legs that couldn't make me smile
I wake up proud, take a shower, then she take me out
I leave my wallet I ain't got to pull a payment out
I'm well known, probably chatted with the owner once
The chef, that's my mans, we be in the kitchen smoking blunts
I leave the back high and ask the waiter where my table
She ask me where I been and quickly follow with I hate you
She paranoid, always thinking on some other sh**
Like I walked into the restaurant and found another b**h
Imagine that, even though a n***a rather fly
Well its possible because I'm mega-known to bag a dime
A little bag of lah keep a n***a magnetized
To the ground even though they say me ego in the sky
And I can't even lie I won't even try
I know a n***a nice yo Ty I need a light
These mother f**ers better know the name J'sar
Y'all knew what it was when y'all heard the first eight bars
These phonies claim boss word they ain't made at all
End up like Tommy DeVito but with the cameras off
And when the hammer's drawn somebody hand the chalk
To the hand that draw that outline of where you are
Fakes heard this rhyme and they fainted, their mans 'a fan 'em off
J apostrophe S - A - R, J'sar signing off

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