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Twiz - Lucky lyrics

[Verse 1: chief waKiL]
She was the least likely girl to ever break my heart (Backstabber!)
Et tu baby should have known it from the start
Jump street, how you just gon' dump me
I treat you like filet mignon
They treat you like some lunch meat
Girl, I heard you want me back
I'm cool on that I'm bout to clown
I'm in L.A., tricks, so you know what's going down
We may just stick around
Or we may skip the town
But either way you go
You ain't gon' see me no more

[Hook: chief waKiL]
So if you crying at my door, I'm probably not at home
I may be out of town, you know what's going down
If you call me on my phone, it's probably gonna roam
You'd be lucky if you see me around, around, around

[Verse 2:chief waKiL]
We bout to get to business
Malibu of Venice
And I've been doing push-ups for the past 20 minutes
Trying to get the ribs in with a little definition
Caught attention from a slim one
She was blowing me kisses
She nerdy with the gla**es on
Paid on the prescription
She got crosses round her neck
I take it she a Christian
She cool, I'm with it
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Kili, you can call me that
If anybody hate me, tell 'em hallelujah, holla back


[Verse 3: chief waKiL]
Look, how you gon' smash my heart with a baseball bat
How you expect me to take all that, erase all that
Me, you in together like
Peanut Butter Jelly with the Baseball Bat
But the best part is I don't want you back
Got a new thing now to create off scratch
Why you lame like that, tell 'em hate off that
You chose to be lame like, lame like that
That, back and forth
Who I kicks it with, what you asking for
I thought you learned it ain't your concern
Whoever I choose, I wanna take on tour
Whenever I lose, I can't get more
This'll be the last L I'll take for sure
Say it ain't so, but I'm a still go
About face, you march all the way home


[Bridge: chief waKiL](2x)
Lucky if you see me (7x)
Lucky if you see me around

[Outro: chief waKiL]
Why you gotta do me like that baby?
I only try to be good to you

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