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Twelve Hour Turn - Dance Like Everyone Is Watching lyrics

We were all asleep standing. nothing much around here is so demanding. we gathered round the floor without a reason, we know nothing changes, this is our station, i saw you there, you were in the sh**. i saw you dance, you pulled out if it

It was in unison to face a wall, it is to anticipate some kind of last call, to weight down your body with other bodies. there is a habit about your anatomy. there is something deadening about finding the same means; the same difference is a laughable way to be. i will not allow this city to define me, i will not allow this floor to speak of me

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We are still alive, dancing with the dead, nine to five is the way we cry and i see beauty in your eyes

Music caused and ear to ear and you should live here, more often instead of in your books. a real bed and its covers. i want to lay down, i want to close my eyes, and find the perfect sleep

I got home, i emptied my pockets of receipts from weeks driving. i found your place as secure-- headlocked

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