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Turbulence - Four thousand years lyrics

4000 years and more
What a slavery (what a slavery)
We must get through of that I am sure
Blood sweat and tears sufferation is the biggest fear..goverment no really care
Pain and dispare tribulation each and everywhere and it obviously clear..clear
Take a walk into the ghetto my friend
And then you will see the suffering to dred
And what they do to survive
And to stay alive
Make a lot of sacrifice
Whoa!! The earth and the fullness
And dey that well there in
Babylon!! De wrong know why you pain give praises to the king..king...king
For God so loved the world..he gave us all these things (all these things)
Little boys and little girls come--onto--him (onto him)
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To devide and rule is the favorite tool but we ain't no foooool
Bun dem out dem evil ways, and give prises to the king
Bun dem out dem evil ways, give prises to my king... LISTEN!!
Big man a rape 12 year old and son a k** mother fi gold and di system is so Stink and Corrupt dem!
Modern day slavery when will it seize
And theres to much pollution in the belly of the beast
Without no justice theres no peace
Be brutilized by di police
And the government is like a dule in between
Dem a di Devils adviocate!
And dem want to stop we breath shall never feel me yeah!!
Bun dem a out like a cigratte
Freedom (freedom) we need it noww..we need now.. yeah.. yeah eh yeah
Seh dat tings and times will change Glory always strain
Mi black mother she a bear a pain for to long...been so long...carry on carry on
Bun dem out dem evil ways... give praises to the king.. ahhhh
Bun dem out dem evil ways gives..give voices to the king

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