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Tülpa - When you're mad lyrics

Say your peace
Say your truth
Say to us
What you wanna do

He ain't nothing honey, he just f**ed up
He never loved you honey, he just musterd[?]
Used you, confused you
Broken through and just blew throug

Sides to a story when one provails
One, two, three and it's all just hail but yeah you
You can judge me
You can say all you want, it's above me

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I never meant pain
No not to you

A creative mind stuck in a boring body
Not good enough, for f**ing anybody

Always mess up yeah im prone to
Say something that annoys you
I can't choose myself and everyday
I wish i could just
Go away
Come back
In a different skin
Be beautiful
Start once again...

I could say i'm sorry if i didn't care
But i'm stuck in a place where i can't even tell
The important play is a horrible feeling
So i stop these actions before i'm actually feeling

These silent neeldles just poking (brah)[?]
Till something drips like rain (aha)
It's beautiful inside but i'm dead in here
There's no f**ing love
Im stuck in this fear that i lose something that i never had
My true intentions

Making me feel bad

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So that's us tale[?]
You can't really trust your emotions
When your stuck in a dark box
And a head, one arm out, but your scared

I'm over it
I dont even care
I said what i want
And that's really fair
To me and to you, to me and to her

And this could be about everybody
This could be about all your slutty honeys
All those smart girls
And shy worms, that just creep around saying f** the world
All the nerd boys who can't get a word
Because they don't walk around like the others do

I'm a lonli flower so get toghether
Feared through looks, it's a really better

Thats some rude a**, tiny, knitted, sweaters
Thats some rude a**, blue a**, crappy, weather

I'm eating dinner with my brown little book
I'm eating dinner with my light little mooks
Cooking up these nooks
Cooking up these leaves
Cooking up this breeze

Cuz i wanna believe
Everything i say could be a real story
All these written rhymes
Are just lieing with glory

But one of those kind of days where i just sit
And swore to complain
Saying good morning
Is the best kind of feeling that some touch, on his fingertips[?]

When you miss what you had

Deep inside im an introvert
Slur speaches i spurs these words[?]
Laying on a beak, is not a concern
The d**h of a poetic has been nothing more
I got birds and bees on the verge of these toes
I got two on me, make some thirsty a** flows

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