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Tripsixx - No Ops lyrics


Too much dank
Too much drank
In my system
Make me go numb
n***a I ain't got no feelings
Talkin like they on the come up
Say they Winnin
Since when, because a n***a still ain't seen no opposition

I can't see em, I can't see no opposition (x2)

It's looking like a blow out
In this b**h
Stunt on accident I wasn't even
Tryna show out in this b**h

[Verse 1]

Wrist game pristine
Broke em off proper
Hit the scene got the fiends geekin
Like they hit lotto
I ain't got no chill
The tryna tell me slow up
Don't know how to
Po' up for what
I sip that henny
Straight up out the bottle

I'm out this b**h
Tunnel vision, El Chapo
Ran through a quarter pound
Filling backwoods with ganja
I can't f** broke boys
Man they give me nausea
f** from round me
If you ain't tryna turn up on these commas

Wish a muh f**a tryn come for my position
How Finna judge if u wasn't in my position
Watch me cook up like hibachi
Man I got this b**h sizzlin
Back the f** up
Cuz that feelin In yo gut a preminition

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[Verse 2]

Don't compare me to none of these waste yutes mann
What you trying to offend me
Y'all just some peons
I'm Eons ahead of u n***as
You lucky if I show the slightest bit of love if
I spit like that mother f**ing semi

For all of your thoughts man I wouldn't pay a penny
Run yo lip n you can get hit
Please do not tempt me
Off of that gas
And ya'll runnin on empty

b**h I'm riding dirty
f** a lane
Imma smash out
Demolition durby
n***as talkin strange
I don't bother
I don't listen
Might bust yo f**ing head n***a that's a split decision

Off the Molly and the meds still on the block getting it
Can't remember yesterday
But bet I count up wit precision

Burnt my crib down
Damn life just got too serious
Few weeks later I was in a condo
Liberty village

Who you know get it like me (x2)
I'm with your b**h and she geeking
I'm with your b**h and she tweeking

I do not see no opposition
I let it go like ammunition
Me and my wolves is on a mission
Me and my n***as on a mission


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