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Trial By Fire - Pilot Light lyrics

They slit the wrist of an outstretched hand
With a strong arm and a clenched fist
On the wall defending a myth
Status:static, no movement
Standard choke hold, no vision! no vision!
Stillborn virtues, united for nothing
Their dream is a lie, their progress is dead
Double back, clear the way, move ahead
Feel what they felt
Live where they lived
Free yourself
Our will is a weapon for taming the leash
This eagle has landed, we're clipping it's wings
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We're taking this faith that we keep to the grave
Free yourself
Rebellion lives
It lives behind our open eyes
It lives inside our weary minds
It dies with every compromise
It's bleeding through to the other side
It's within our reach
It's within our means
It's within reason
Don't let it die by convention
No more prisons!
Blow it up start it all over again
Free yourself

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