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Tre Tristan - Bad Influence lyrics

[Verse 1: Tre Tristan]
23 boxes filled with chips and soda
Delivering to little kids in a jacked
Giving them chainsaws and cough drops, Riccola
Feeding them candy
And taking their granola
Throw it all in the trash
Dip it in gas
And turn it all into ash
Decompose in the gra**
I love fun, and I'm a nuisence
I guess you could say I'm just a bad

Don't let your kiddos come around me
Because I'm just an accident waiting to be
I'm a trouble making, fun loving, bad bad bad influence

[Verse 2: Tre Tristan]
I'm humble but I'm a bit of a jerk
If you put me by a water park I'm going beserk
And I'm a pain in the neck to some, but I'm getting better
And I've been
Getting nicer, heart is getting redder
And my grades aren't the highest, but I'm doing my hardest
That's what she
Said, and I'm still an artist
In love with a Red Epic, but it's a couple thousand
But I only have a
Huundred and I just keep counting
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So if you want your kids to be as chill as can be
Just send em all over to your pal, me
I'll teach them good, you have my word
Now let's hope this all works


[Verse 3: Tre Tristan]
Sick minded, twisted thoughts
Feeding enemies to the biggest crocs
I'm a rapper but I've more than what there is now
I'm worse, I've been told
But I don't even know how!
Kid your thirteen
Teaching kids to be mean
Because it's funny to you, but
It's not funny to me
My kid's six and he drinks his own pee!
My girl is four and plays Assa**in's Creed
And my ten year old stole from Applebees
Wasn't my fault, must've been TV
Yeah, well they watch your show, so, I'm going to complain to the network next week
I Admit it I'm bad, but it's okay cuz I'm a boss
So don't bother me if your boring cuz I'm not
Parental Advisory: Explicit Content
If you spent time with me you've probably lost it
Gone crazy, super mad
Went from you to McLovin'; Superbad
Happier than McFerrin, worries are gone
You can feel the heat like you were Wade and Lebron
Yolo's an excuse to be stupid not fun
Tre's living two lives, not one
The normal life, and the other life
The one where you get more from Tre, go on and ask advice

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