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Tre Tristan - A Milli Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: Tre Tristan]
I'm murderous, I'm murking this
Hitting the drum so hard I'm hurting it
Rappity pappity I be rapping so fast that I gotta let my flow go
Never tell me to do you a favor because I'm an irresponsible kid
Probably do it wrong and if the favor is done then you should check cause I
Probably did
I love directing more than anything on Earth
Don't tease me for it, don't be
A jerk
I get bullied alot, mostly by jocks but
I don't think they should throw me
Around like a shotput
They're swagger lacking cuz they wanna be the best
With their pants all low and a hickey on their chests
Now let's finish up the rest
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Here we go, time for Tre Tristan: he's the best
Tre Tristan, bold and great
Been spitting flames since 7 or 8
Half dragon, breathing fire is swell
Just another excuse to raise some hell
Nobody's ever gonna hear the rest of me
Till you hear the very greatest best of me
I'm gonna rap so hard the pumping in my heart is gonna make a ba** in the chest of me
I'm an itty bitty Busta
And if anybody thinks they're better than me at busting a rhyme then I just punch them with a knuckle duster
Because I can anything and it could sound good
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
I only wanna be the best
Forget about the rest
Because I got all the power like I'm Kanye West
I'm Kanye West
I'm always murking and hurting and ladies are t**ng while guys are jerking and I'm flirting it's working don't ask if I'm sure because buddy, I'm stinking certain

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