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Tre Tristan - There It Was lyrics

[Verse 1]:

It was once said by the man who made carnage
The path to success is a journey through darkness
I have yet to walk a road with all hope gone
But I've stumbled through life and I came back heartless
I've never been so stressed out and fed up
But it's all my fault because I'm bled out and messed up
Bless up cause I'm giving you the key to stay away
From the things that cause people all the worst kinds of pain
Like love and culture, growing up with people judging you
You'll always have me and I will never stop loving you
That's one of the problems with the cla**ic human heart
It's to open to loving, and it always falls apart
I stay away from relationships for two reasons
Cause I'm too ugly to have one and because I stopped believing
Listen to my warning if you want to keep breathing
When you wake up from your nightmares is the time you start dreaming
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[Verse 2]:

I remember back when I wasn't so hated
I'd strive for perfection, but only had greatness
Now love and life screwed me over and I'm stuck deflated
And I'm switching emotions, and changing these faces
But I got back here, and I'm still alive and well
But I won't be much longer when I'm burning in hell
I kept my head up and now I'm stepping on beats
I never gave up because I don't face defeat
I'm a born champion, and so are all of you
Pull tricks out of your hats like your name is Bartholomew
Every little drop of blood that you have is talent
Never stop working, even at the biggest challenge
And you can get through life, even though it's hard
No road to success without splots that are dark
And there is no problem with the cla**ic human heart
It's your main place for life and that's a pretty good start

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