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Tre Tristan - It's Okay lyrics

[Verse 1]:

I remember summer, how could I ever forget it
The season of decisions to forever be regretted
All those things that I had said I'm really glad I said it
Then I got a second chance to fall flat within seconds
Two words, listen cause they're easy to remember
And they're just here to say that it'll never get better
Don't let the sound of them break out your bad temper
Or you'll end up on the ground, dead and dismembered
It'll drop you to the ground and bounce you up like a yo-yo
Then leave you all alone that front camera photo
Oh no, then you go extinct like a do-do
Far from your high point, guess that's why they call it solo
As you hear this then you probably think and say "No way"
But trust me, you're guaranteed to get results of pain
So I lock it in a box with a note that says "RAGE"
And then I walk around and smile and act like it's okay
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[Verse 2]:

So I wear my fake smile like a Biggie shirt
And read XXL like this is Biggies shirt
And then I play Biggie music, 44 kilohertz
And act like I'm okay, when really, it hurts
I was acting reckless so this is my apology
I'm apologizing to the ones who have forgotten me
I'm thanking all the people for staying here and for following
I'm leaving all the ones who ever thought about stopping me
I know sorry don't cut it, and that's bad news
So I'm here apologizing, stupid things that I can't do
All those summer moments that I wish I could go back to
Even though I can't, leaving felt like a bad move
Lyrics about people that I couldn't talk back to
On these dope beats from Scum that a loser could rap to
All my thoughts are genius as the evil ones pa** though
Except the evil thought of leaving when I could have had you

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