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Tre' Bien - Let Me lyrics

[Introducing Dialog]

Let me... let me... Okay, okay, okay, here we go!


Wanna be on the other side
I just wanna feel the love tonight
I won't let my emotions hide
Used to feel like part of me had died
Then we kissed, I felt so alive

Baby, you make things feel--
So surreal
Let me take the wheel
Our feelings are clear
Our future is near
Grow old to-ge-ther, my dear
Leaving is my only fear

I hope you believe me (when I say)
I'm struck by your beauty (every day)
These feelings don't come free (no way)
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But with you it's so easy (to feel this way)
I hope you don't leave me (cause one day)
If I got down on one knee--
I'd ask you if you'd marry me

Listen to the rhythm of my heart
We can never ever be apart
Our love will shine from beyond grave
It's both of our futures, so let me say--
I'm gonna devote everyday--
To makin' you happy
When we're together, I get so sappy
But it's fine
We have all the time
With both of our feelings combined
We can love each other til' the end of time
And let's go beyond that
I'm still gonna love you when my pulse go flat

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